Scott, Kari, Evelyn & baby #2

Being a photographer, I am always thinking details for each photo session. Sometimes I overthink them and get a little anxious before a shoot.  ...Will the weather be good? Will their outfits photograph well? Will the clients be photogenic and fun? Will the kids cooperate? What if it rains? What if it snows? etc, etc, etc until my head spins. 

Well, this photo session was planned via texting, we picked a location a little unsure about where exactly we would photograph, and being March, I had no idea what the weather would do. BUT, it all turned out incredible (minus the patches of mud we had to walk through). Little Evelyn did a fantastic job for the camera! 2-year-olds are always so energetic, but I was able to play off of her energy and get some great candid shots.