Riebe Family

The Riebe family is one of my favorites. I got to know Rachel a few years ago when I went with one of my friends on a girls backpacking trip. And let me just tell you -- she's got skills! From camping to parenting to cooking and writing -- Rachel is amazing! Check our her awesome blog www.fellowpassengers.com.

When Rachel asked if I wanted to do a family session for her, I was so excited! The Riebe's live on a little hobby farm in Taylor's Falls, MN. They recently found out that their barn or "backyard playhouse" needed to be torn down and wanted to capture their family photos in front of it one last time. Rachel and Jason have four kiddos--all full of life! Ellis, the oldest, told me that she was excited to see the beautiful sunsets once the barn was torn down. I got to spend a couple hours takings photos in their dreamy backyard. Capturing families is one of my favorites--I feel as though I'm just out having fun! And this was by far, one of my favorite sessions.